Saturday, 9 October 2010


My stitchy bug has gone missing again - I do not know where to find it :(

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Argh Shitty week!!

Well it's been a shitty week in our household - punctuated with lots of stitching!! Not much else I can do when I have buggered up my neck again...Projects I have finished this week tho are..... Chocolate ATC,
Shoes atc, Handbag card and an Autism awareness ribbon for a very good friend - I hate when I finish things and then worry incessantly wether or not people will like what I have made for them!! Plus another of my ATC's has gone missing which has pissed me off as I was really pleased with it!! Little fairy letter N will never meet its recipient - I wonder if there are postmen/women who are getting wise to all our little ATC swops and are starting to keep them - lots seem to be going missing lately..

I also hate trying to type with false nails on! I keep having to delete extra letters that I have accidently struck.

Naughty puppy is going to need a name change to "good puppy" soon as he has not chewed anything this week and seems to be responding to being trusted alone.

DH has been laid off from work so is now franticly trying to find another job before we run out of £££ (craft funds!) so all in all a crap week, still things can only get better eh?

Oh and my bloody iphone keeps locking up which is v annoying!!

Arrrgh now my bloody picture won't upload properly so I'm afraid you will have to turn your head to look at it!! No idea why as is is saved the correct way up but somehow keeps uploading on its side???? WTF???

Monday, 12 July 2010


Made a little cowboy card for my Father in law - we haven't been able to contact him in ages (you have to PAY the BILL on your phone for it to work! - His not ours!) so thought I would send hima little "thinking of you" card. I spent ages trying to find him something that wasn't girley and on a subject he likes - DH vetoed any drinking related cards - I think he thought them in bad taste (being as FIL is a raging alcoholic) This was he best I could come up with - I am quite pleased with how it turned out - it has now been sitting here a week waiting for DH to write in it - Think we will be sending it as a birthday card as I am sure I will get pissed off waiting for hubby to write any words of wisdom!

Oooh Manly Cross stitching

Even though it is silly o'clock and have been kept awake most of the night by DH I was wandering about the interwebs and stumbled across a BRILLIANTLY funny blog from a guy who does cross stitch - I have always said men make better stitchers than women and this guys work is great! His blog is v funny too - am now a follower - as I am so new to this blogging lark - I don't realy know the ettiquette of "following" Should I send a "please may I follow you" note? or just lurk mysteriously in the background...I don't know...maybe a friendly comment on one of his posts.....but then would I look like a stalker??? I have no followers yet which makes my ramblings seem slightly I'm sure the first ever blogger in the world (I wonder who that was?) must have had no followers for a time and just sat there typing away to themselves - Hope this is not the first step to "crazy cat lady"!!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

OK OK I have to get better at poting on here - Has been a bit of a busy week so far (and it's only Tuesday!!) Finally my friend in Oz got her card I made her - lovely e-mail from her yesterday thanking me - It arrived when she was feeling ill too which made it all the better....I feel bad about her card as it is truly the nicest one I have made yet and actually did not want to part with it! Ummmed and ahhhed about sending it or keep it and frame it - decided I was being a selfish cow!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Celestial Prince - Got my Stitchy bug back!

Ahhh worked out how to upload pics onto here now! This is my biggest ever project - took me 9 months but was so worth it in the end. Lots of tears from Mum when she finally saw it framed..It was meant to be finished for her birthday in September, however due to a few mistakes that had to be unpicked and re-done she got it for Christmas!

First Post

Well I have been inspired by a friend of mine to start a blog...well not just start a blog... my best friend inspires me to do lots of things so this is just one of the things she has inspired me to do! Thank for being you Rach xx

I'm Laura, 30 something sales rep, a bit dippy and craft stuff is slowly taking over my life! I'm not a tradional crafter, I am a stitcher mainly - but I have just got into stitching ATC's which I am loving - they are only small and I am really enjoying getting creative on such a small canvas! I have only just got back into stitching in thhe past year or so after a 10 year break - I had forgotten how much I loved it and how relaxing I found it, so after a few small designs I embarked on a 9 month project to stitch a unicorn for my mum...Stitchy bug was well and truly back and I have spent the last year working on various smaller projects. My small crafting corner is now bulging at the seams and I am going to have to think of better storage options for all my magazines, threads, patterns, papers and bits and bobs!

I have been pretty good at remembering to take pics of my work so I will post some pics as and when I get some more time, currently trying to speak to my boss on the phone, get ready for work and write this! Thank god for spell check!